SOAK Partners

Take Action to Protect Clean Water

Local partners help to spread the word about stormwater and the importance of protecting water quality in their communities. They provide a local voice, create a local identity, and make the local connections that inspire residents to do their part to protect clean water. Explore the options below to become a Soak Up the Rain Partner.


Start a Local Soak Up the Rain Program

Local SOAK Programs coordinate with home owners and businesses in their communities to select, design, and install rain gardens, rain barrels, and other practices.

A variety of organizations can manage a Local SOAK Program including river, lake, neighborhood or watershed associations, municipalities, and other organized groups. These organizations tend to have a strong understanding of community issues, as well as active relationships with the people who live there.

Local SOAK Program managers should be enthusiastic, have the organizational capacity to coordinate a local program, and have the ability to reach out and inspire community members to participate in soaking up the rain.

Contact us if you are interested in developing a Local SOAK Program.

Existing Partners

Partner with the SOAK program  to share resources and to collaborate on projects, trainings, and other events. Contact us if your organization would like become a partner.

Messer Pond Protective Association of New London

Country Pond Lake Association of Kingston and Newton

Friends of Hothole Pond of Concord and Loudon

Nippo Lake Watershed Association of Barrington

Lake Sunapee Protective Association

Pleasant Lake Preservation Association

The Great Bay Stewards – Soak Up the Rain Great Bay

Silver Lake Land Trust – Soak Up the Rain Silver Lake

US Environmental Protection Agency – Soak Up the Rain Program

Brentwood Conservation Commission – Soak Up the Rain Brentwood

New Hampshire Lakes Association

Cheshire County Conservation District

Newfound Lake Region Association

Lake Winnipesaukee Association (LWA)

Green Mountain Conservation Group (GMCG)

Belknap County Conservation District

Acton Wakefield Watersheds Alliance (AWWA)

University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension

Hampton Conservation Commission

Town of Exeter

NHDES Pollution Prevention Program

Individual Stewardship

14 Happy Homowner!As individuals, we each have the power to contribute to a healthier environment.

  • Contact us if you are interesting in volunteering on a SOAK installation project in your area.
  • Have you already installed a rain garden, rain barrel or other stormwater practice? Contact us with the details and we’ll add your project to the SOAK map and send you a reusable Soak Up the Rain tote bag as thanks.