Project Planning

Stormwater Practice Selection:

Infiltration Flow Chart – Used to help select a stormwater practice if soil on the site will infiltrate stormwater.

Storage & Conveyance Flow Chart – Used to help select a stormwater practice on sites with limited infiltration capacity.

NH Residential Loading Model was created to determine a property’s “stormwater footprint” which is an estimate of the amount of stormwater runoff and associated pollutants that a property creates. The model shows pollutant reductions associated with each DIY practice. It is linked here at the Winnipesaukee Gateway website.

Sizing and Design:

Planning & Design Packet: Contains helpful guides for planning and design to use along with the DIY Fact Sheets. Developed for program managers, but useful for homeowners as well.

New Hampshire Homeowner’s Guide to Stormwater Management: The entire guide including the DIY Fact Sheets for each stormwater solution.

Native Plants for New England Rain Gardens: This list, developed by NHDES and UNH Cooperative Extension, contains New England native perennials, shrubs, grasses, ferns, rushes, and sedges appropriate for rain gardens and other vegetated stormwater practices.

Interactive Rain Garden Sizing Calculator: Enter information such as for the surface area to be treated, soil type, and slope to see how they affect the size and cost of a rain garden installation.

Stormwater Footprint Calculator: This tool allows users to calculate their current  runoff amount and associated pollutants and to determine the impact of changes such as new construction, land use changes, or implementation of new stormwater solution.

Installation Day Preparation:

Project Checklist and Installation Day Reminders: Checklist to help plan your project and prepare for installation day, including reminders such as “Call Dig Safe” and “Order bulk materials”.