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Catch The Rain! Fun New PSA Video from Keene NH!

Check out the music and dancing in this fun new PSA Video from Keene NH!

The City of Keene has done it again!  They have created a really fun new video – this time on capturing rainwater with rain barrels.  Eric Swope from the Keene Wastewater Treatment Plant has once again teamed up with Jeremy VanDerKern’s Digital Film Studies at Keene High School’s Cheshire Career Center to make a Public Service Announcement (PSA).  Madi Hoefer, a student at Keene High School, was the creator and put a ton of effort into pulling this all together.

This PSA is about how you can preserve water resources by collecting rainwater for reuse.  Turn it up!

Or, if you can’t access Facebook, check it out here:


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