What is Soak Up the Rain New Hampshire?

Soak Up the Rain (SOAK) New Hampshire  is a voluntary program managed by the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services. The goal is to protect and restore clean water in the state’s lakes, streams, and coastal waters from the negative impacts of stormwater pollution.

SOAK provides information about how our homes create stormwater pollution and how to prevent it with rain gardens, infiltration trenches, and other practices.  This is done in two ways:

  • Individual property owners can learn how to reduce runoff from their properties by exploring the instruction sheets for ten Do-It-Yourself practices, the NH Homeowner’s Guide to Stormwater Management, and other resources on this website.
  • Local Partnerships: The SOAK Program builds partnerships with local groups by providing messaging, training, and/or assistance to promote and install practices to reduce stormwater runoff and pollution from homes and small businesses in their communities or watersheds.