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Join us in Soaking Up the Rain

Throughout New Hampshire, neighbors are planting rain gardens, using rain barrels, planting trees, and finding other ways to Soak Up the Rain to protect and restore clean water in their local lakes, streams, and estuaries. Explore this site to learn how you can Soak Up the Rain too.

Install a Rain Garden

Learn the steps involved in installing a residential rain garden.

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What’s New?

Check out the updated

Homeowner's Guide to Stormwater Management: Do-It-Yourself Stormwater Solutions

This updated version provides a few clarifications on building stormwater solutions, updated resources and information, and a bit of reformatting.

If your favorite lake or watershed association posts links to the guideĀ and/or the DIY fact sheets, please tell them to update the links! All can be found under the Resources tab and at the links below.

Full Updated Guide:

Individual Do-It-Yourself fact sheets:


See where people are SOAKing up the Rain

Click on the map to see where the SOAK program and its partners are reducing stormwater pollution.