Local SOAKNH Program Management Tools

Interested in forming your own Soak Up the Rain Program? Local groups, such as a sub-group of folks from a lake association, can form their own local Soak Up the Rain Program using the tools and resources below to create flyers, do outreach, visit neighbors properties to make suggestions, and more.

Outreach Materials & Logos

Stormwater Solutions Flyer

SOAKNH Brochure

Full Color SOAK Full Logo

Full Color SOAK Icon

Black and White SOAK Full Logo

Black and White SOAK Icon

Documents, Templates, and Guidance

Project Host Guidelines: Provides an explanation of the property owner and local group responsibilities  NOTE: This document is a template. Add or remove items as needed.

Maintenance Agreement: An agreement to be signed by property owner prior to project installation to show their commitment to providing maintenance.

Recommendations Letter Template: Provides a letter of thanks and recommendations to send when a property is not suitable for a SOAK project  NOTE: This document is a template. Add or remove items as needed.

Publication Release Form: Serves as a release for the SOAK program to publish property owner’s likeness or information when needed.

Complete SOAK Field Packet: Used to assess properties, gather information, and determine if the site is a good candidate for a SOAK project. Contains a Site Screening Field Sheet and a Site Design Field Sheet.

Links to water quality data and more in-depth information:

NH Surface Water Quality Assessments

NH Watershed-Based Plans

Department of Environmental Services

EPA Soak Up the Rain Program