Installing stormwater BMPs within the protected shoreland

Hi All,

In response to a question that I received at the modeling workshop last week, I spoke with the NHDES Shoreland Program to see whether or not a Shoreland permit is required to install stormwater BMPs on properties within the protected shoreland* in NH.

According to the Shoreland Program, the construction of a stormwater BMP within the protected shoreland is considered a “Water Quality Restoration and Enhancement Project”.  If the excavation work for the project is done by hand, with a good old shovel and some elbow grease, no permit is needed. If, however, the excavation is done using mechanized equipment (e.g., backhoe, excavator, etc.), a permit-by-notification and $100 fee is required. The permit-by-notification process has a 5-day turn around time.

Please keep this in mind when you, your project partners, or others in your watersheds are planning BMP installation projects.

*In NH, the protected shoreland is the land within 250 feet of all lakes, ponds, and impoundments 10 acres or greater, all 4th order and greater streams and rivers, and all designated rivers and river segments. More information on the NHDES Shoreland Program is available at

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