Stormwater Retrofit Webcast at DES

You are invited…

The NHDES Watershed Assistance Section is hosting the Center for Watershed Protection webcast titled “Retrofit This: A Guide to Retrofitting the World”. The webcast will be held in the DES auditorium on Wednesday February 29, 2012 from 11:45pm – 2:00pm.

Stormwater retrofitting is the art and science of inserting stormwater treatment into places where it does not exist or is currently inadequate. Increasingly, we are looking to stormwater retrofitting as a critical tool for meeting TMDL and watershed goals, and there is also an emerging link between retrofitting and MS4 permits. Can we retrofit the world? Well, at least some of it. This webcast – part 1 of a two-part retrofit webcast mini-series — will broaden your perspective about retrofitting. The webcast will introduce a retrofitting practice hierarchy and describe how to find, prioritize, and build the most effective retrofits. The webcast will also explore how much land area in a watershed can feasibly be retrofitted and at what cost. This information is based on dozens of retrofit studies conducted by the Center for Watershed Protection and others in urban, suburban, and rural watersheds.

Guest Speakers:
David Hirschman, Center for Watershed Protection
Greg Hoffman P.E., Center for Watershed Protection
Tom Schueler, Chesapeake Stormwater Network
Christin Jolicoeur, Arlington County, VA Department of Environmental Services
Steve Shofar, Watershed Management Division, Montgomery County, MD
Drena Donofrio, P.E., WA Public Utilities
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