Don’t forget to post your questions and announcements

Please be sure to post any questions or announcements that you might have.  You can also comment on an existing post.  It’s very easy! 

To post something:

  • In the right menu of the Blog, go to “Blog Site Admin” and click on the “Site Admin” and log on with your user name (your first and last name) and password.  The dashboard for the Blog should then come up.
  • Go into the “Posts” on the left menu and click on the “new post,”
  • create your post (and title), and
  • then hit the blue “publish” box.

Photos and documents can be uploaded by using the “Upload/Insert” icons above where you enter your text.

Commenting on a post is simple and just involves entering your information in the comment boxes provided on each page.

More instructions on the Blog can be found at the “Help” tag in the upper right corner of each page within the Dashboard or contact us.

Thanks so much and don’t hesitate to let us know your comments. 

Please feel free to call or e-mail me at 271-7889 or Sally at 559-0032 if you have any questions. 

Barbara and Sally

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