It’s the 12 Days of…..Watershed Project Photos! Let’s Share.


Seasons Greetings NH Watershed Managers:

The holidays are here and we’re thinking it would be fun to get in the spirit of giving here on the blog.

Send us your favorite project photos and share your success stories, lessons learned, things that made you smile or go awwwww. Bring it on, we know you have some amazing “gifts” to share!

We’ll post a photo every work day between now and December 24th. Send your pictures to Sally with a caption and a photo credit:

Check out today’s two gifts courtesy of the Hodgson Brook Restoration Project:


 Nice car nice BMP2

 Just chillin’ down by the Port Inn bioretention unit…in my Austin Healy.



What would Humpty Say?


Help…I’m supposed to be a tree box filter. Please put me back together again!

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