It’s not too late!!! Get tickets NOW for the Wild & Scenic Film Festival TONIGHT (and for 5 days of video on demand).

I for one cannot wait to “see” many of you tonight in the virtual reception room for what will be a jaw-dropping, inspiring, humorous, motivating, thought-provoking, scientific-discovery-filled, and passport to inaccessible parts of the planet movie event like no other.

To join me and SO many others, you need to visit right now to secure your tickets. Remember, the New Hampshire Rivers Council brings us this event that features unique films that you cannot see anywhere else. There are between ten and twelve short films and one cartoon this year that capture your attention while providing content for all ages and interests! Make this a Friday night and weekend to remember and chat about with others in attendance when you next see them.





Don’t miss out! And, thanks for supporting the protection and restoration of 17,000 river and stream miles with every ticket purchase. If that’s not motivation enough, did I mention that you can win fabulous swag and virtual “door prizes” tonight during the live event? You can, but only by visiting right now! “See” you there!

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