Status of 2010 Grant Projects

2010 projects that were awarded grants and their status.

Organization Project Name Grant $ Grant Agreement
High Quality Waters      
Town of Sanbornton Lake Winnisquam, Watershed Management Plan Development, Phase 1: Black Brook              $25,000 Approved
Acton Wakefield Watersheds Alliance Salmon Falls Headwaters Watershed Implementation (Phase 1) and Road Management Plan: Great East Lake, Lake Ivanhoe, Horn Pond, Wilson Lake, and Lovell Lake $107,952 Approved
Newfound Lake Region Association Newfound Lake Watershed Management Plan Implementation, Phase I  $127,960 Approved
Town of Wolfeboro (was Rust Pond Assoc.) Rust Pond, North Inlet and Rte 28 Boat Launch Watershed Management Plan and Stormwater BMP Projects, Phase 1 $50,000 Approved
Cobbetts Pond Improvement Association Cobbetts Pond – Watershed Restoration Plan Implementation – Phase 2: Fossa Road BMP’s $100,000 Approved
Town of New Ipswich Furnace Brook Watershed Restoration Project – Phase 1 $71,500 Approved
Town of Milford Souhegan River Restoration Project: Phase I, Feasibility Study $50,000 Approved
Mirror Lake Protective Association Mirror Lake Community Watershed Plan $65,000 Approved
Trout Unlimited Nash Stream Watershed Management Plan implementation: Phase II, Culvert remediation/instream restoration $200,356 Approved
City of Dover Willand Pond Watershed Management Plan Implementation:  Phase 1, Stormwater BMP Retrofit $95,760 Approved
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