LAKELINE A publication of the North American Lake Management Society

Check out the latest issue of LakeLine for TWO great articles with NHDES 319 projects!

Nutt Pond: Restoration Challenges in an Impaired Urban Watershed on page 17

Authors Ben Lundsted, Robert Robinson, and Jeff Marcoux showcase a project involving Nutt Pond, an urban pond with a long succession of difficulties they had to face in implementing best management practices (BMPs) to improve water quality of the pond and its inlets. These included coordination among multiple landowners, lack of space for installation of desired BMPs, pieced-together funding, regulatory hoops to jump through, waivers to be sought, as well as easements to negotiate.


Going the Distance Along Dover’s Berry Brook on page 23

Authors James Houle, Ph.D., CPSWQ, CPESC and Dolores Jalbert-Leonard highlight the value of persistence in fostering buy-in from local municipalities in trying and modifying BMPs to work for them, and for improving water quality. Original designs of BMPs may not work for all communities, and the authors highlight the value of working closely with local entities to find a path forward towards implementation that works for water quality, and those involved in the installation and maintenance.



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