Soak Up the Rain New England Webinar Series

Wednesday, January 25th, 2017

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“The Perfect Storm:” The convergence of three projects to build a healthy watershed and community with green infrastructure

Soak Up the Rain Webinar

In April 2008, local, state and federal stakeholders collaborated on a series of green infrastructure Best Management Practices to address several water quality problems related to stormwater runoff at the Bristol Town Beach and Sports Complex in Bristol, RI. These initiatives were then implemented between 2010-1012 resulting in major reductions of beach closures over the past three years.  Measures included: a renovated 350-car parking lot to incorporate bioretention and vegetated swales, rain gardens, permeable pavement, tree plantings, and a gravel wet vegetated treatment system that collected and treated stormwater runoff.  This webinar will focus on how they made it happen through partnering with a number of agencies and non-profit groups, leveraging resources and funding (including Federal Clean Water Act Section 319 grant funds) while taking advantage of timely opportunities and related green infrastructure initiatives. (See attached for details.)

Presenters include:       

Walter V. Burke, Director, Bristol Parks and Recreation, Bristol, Rhode Island. Walter has worked for the Town of Bristol for the past twenty-three years and manages nineteen parks and a Community Center. He has raised and leveraged funds to restore all the parks in Bristol with a focus on Green Infrastructure.

Betsy Dake, Section 319 Grant Program Manager, Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management (DEM).  Betsy is a Senior Environmental Scientist for the Rhode Island DEM, where she has worked for the Nonpoint Source Program since 1999.  She manages and oversees all of State’s Section 319 grants; and

Diane M. Williamson, Director, Office of Community Development, Town of Bristol, Rhode Island, AICP, Certified Floodplain Manager (CFM).  Diane has been working for the Town of Bristol as the town planner since 1995, overseeing the Office of Community Development and providing assistance to the Planning Board, Redevelopment Agency, and Economic Development Commission. Diane was an integral partner in the grant writing, design and implementation of this project.

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