2012 Watershed Assistance Roundtable and Site Tours Update

No, you didn’t miss it.  The DES Watershed Assistance Section took a break this year from the roundtable and site tours.  To address requests that came up in previous roundtables, and to focus on some new endeavors, we will be providing more workshop and hands-on opportunities this winter and spring.  Updates and invitations will be provided through this blog.  Some of the possible forums include:

  • NH Nonpoint Source Management Plan update stakeholder meeting.
  • Partnering with UNH Stormwater Center on BMPs for Nitrogen and Phosphorus removal workshop.
  • NH Soak up the Rain outreach messaging coordination and tool development work sessions.

Keep an eye out for more information to follow.  Contact Barbara McMillan barbara.mcmillan@des.nh.gov for questions or suggestions.

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