Pemi River project becomes NH’s 6th EPA Success Story

A Trout Unlimited project to restore an impaired section of the Pemigewasset River that began with a 319 grant in 2003 was recently approved by EPA as a 319 Nonpoint Source Success Story.  In what was the largest-scale river restoration project funded by DES, the project stabilized a river channel that had been impacted by historic gravel excavation and an avulsion that impacted fish habitat.

Congratulations to Todd Baldwin, former President of the Pemigewasset Chapter of Trout Unlimited, who lead the local restoration effort; Sean Sweeney of Headwaters Hydrology and Tyler Phillips of Horizons Engineering, who provided fluvial geomorphic assessment, design, and construction engineering; Alvin J. Coleman & Sons, Inc., who constructed the project; and Steve Landry, the DES project manager.

Nice work!

Link to EPA Success Story


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