Culvert Flood Risk Assistance Grant Program

The Culvert Flood Risk Assistance Grant Program is a new, statewide funding opportunity that intends to support the replacement of outdated, undersized, perched and/or degraded culverts highly susceptible to flooding. Replacing high-risk culverts with better designed crossings that meet improved structural and environmental design standards and flood resiliency criteria will help reduce local flood impacts and public safety risks.

This grant program will utilize ARPA funds to award approximately $1 million in grants (no match required) in 2022.

Eligible applicants include New Hampshire municipalities and non-governmental organizations. Each applicant may apply for funding for multiple projects, if desired. Eligible projects must be a culvert replacement on a public way and cross a natural freshwater, non-tidal stream channel. Replacement of culverts owned by or located on property owned by private individuals will also be considered if the project provides a tangible and public safety benefit by reducing flood hazards in the state.

The program budget allows individual awards of up to $400,000. A portion of the grant award may be used to fund non-construction related activities, including engineering and design, permitting, bidding/construction contract services, and project management and reporting, up to a maximum of 20% of the grant award.

How to Apply

Complete and submit an application via the online application form no later than 4 PM ET on July 1, 2022. Please refer to the Application Instructions and Evaluation Criteria as you fill out your application.

Application Webinar

An informational webinar was held on April 12, 2022 as part of the Stormwater and Flood Resiliency Funding Opportunities session during the 2022 NHDES Water Infrastructure Funding Workshop to describe this funding opportunity in more detail and answer questions. A recording is available at the following link; you will be prompted to register in order to view it. The presentation of the Culvert Flood Risk Assistance Grant Program starts at 31:55. View webinar recording.

Questions and Answers

A summary of questions and responses related to the Culvert Flood Risk Assistance Grant funding opportunity have been compiled and posted on the NHDES website. See summary of application questions & responses.

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