Clean Water Planning Program

The planning phase of any infrastructure project is critical to improve project development, increase project readiness, assist communities in applying for funding for implementation of the project, and ensure efficient use of funds. 

Why Planning?

  • Improves project development and readiness.
  • Assists communities applying to other funding programs.
  • Propels communities forward.
  • Supports existing programs (i.e., asset management).

NHDES has budgeted $7.5 million of the ARPA funds to offer planning grants with no match requested. Of the $7.5 million, $3.75 million has been budgeted for wastewater and stormwater projects through the Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF) program. The Clean Water Planning Grant budget provides for a maximum grant amount of 100% of the project cost up to $100,000. Information for the CWSRF program and planning projects can be found on the NHDES website

ARPA Wastewater and Stormwater Planning Guidance Document

NHDES has notified communities who applied to the June 2021 CWSRF solicitation of the ARPA planning grant offers for wastewater and stormwater projects, subject to recommendation to and approval by the Governor and Executive Council. NHDES will prioritize recommendation of funding for projects that fall within the scope of planning and have a reasonable prospect of resulting in a capital project. Communities interested in funding for this category should submit a preapplication to the SRF program in Spring 2022 for consideration on the 2022 Project Priority List (PPL). Additional ARPA offers may be made in this category. 

Sarah Ridyard, P.E. (Grant Administration)
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Dennis Greene, P.E. (Wastewater)
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Deborah Loiselle (Stormwater)
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