PFAS Design Services Reimbursement

PFAS Design Services Reimbursement Program

All schools, all childcares, transient public water systems, and non-transient public water systems are now eligible to receive a reimbursement for PFAS treatment design services up to 26% of the total cost of the project that pertains to PFAS remediation. There are three easy steps to apply.

  1. Submit treatment design and specifications along with the Work Scope Authorization form for review and approval prior to installation.
  2. Complete treatment installation.
  3. Submit final invoice(s), photo documentation of installation and post-treatment PFAS sample results to receive reimbursement.

A vendor code will be required for reimbursement and can be obtained here. Should the treatment vendor be the one requesting the reimbursement for the school or childcare, a waiver of claims will need to be submitted with the Work Scope Authorization.

Grant Application:

  • PFAS Work Scope Authorization form (link to form- under development)
  • PFAS Change Order Authorization form (link to form- under development)
  • Vendor Waiver of Claims template (link to form- under development)

Contact Information: