Update on Waterline Extension Projects – Spring 2019

Town of Amherst

Paving work is expected to start the week of May 20th.

Contact: Mark Filion, PE, Pennichuck Water (603) 913-2338


Town of Bedford

Back River Road Area – As of April 18th, 93 properties had been connected to public water. The remainder of the three developed properties are expected to be connected in the coming weeks.

Restoration and paving work will continue into the spring and well decommissioning is anticipated to start mid-summer and finish by early fall.

Contact: Mark Filion, PE, Pennichuck Water (603) 913-2338

South River Road Area – The contractor is scheduled to resume work on the service line installations on May 20, 2019. Two properties have been connected, and approximately 21 remain.

Contact: Kathryn Serra, PE, C.T. Male Associates, (518) 786-7400


Town of Litchfield

Southern Charles Bancroft Highway –The New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission is in the process of evaluating tariff changes (due to changes in Federal Tax Law) that are necessary before the project can be placed out to bid. Pending resolution of the tariff issues, bidding is anticipated for May 2019, with construction to follow once the contract is awarded. Twenty-seven developed properties will be connected.

Contact: Mark Filion, PE, Pennichuck Water (603) 913-2338


Town of Merrimack

The ‘Notice to Proceed’ for this project is dated for May 9th. Work will begin on the water main and curb-stops with one crew, and a second crew will start about a week into the project, according to the contractor. Work on the service lines (connecting the water main to the individual houses) is anticipated to begin about a month after the start of the water main work. The engineering firm has indicated that work on this project will continue through the Summer (2019) with connections to the MVD system completed around the end of August.

In total, 36 properties will be connected.

Contact: Mike Duffy, PE, Horizons Engineering, Inc., (603) 616-9578