Final Briefing Report: Review of the ATSDR Toxicological Profile for Perfluoroalkyls by Stephen M. Roberts, Ph.D.

This briefing report was prepared at the request of the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (NHDES) and provides information on specific topics identified by the Department. Much of the information in this briefing was obtained from review of the public comment draft report, Toxicological Profile for Perfluoroalkyls prepared by the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) released in June 2018. Other information for the briefing was obtained from recent U.S. EPA, National Toxicology Program (U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services), and Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council (ITRC) reports, as well as recent literature. The briefing was originally tasked to focus on perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS), but was later expanded to include perfluorohexane sulfonic acid (PFHxS) and Perfluorononanoic acid (PFNA). The opinions expressed in this report are solely those of the author.

Final Report: Briefing Report – Prepared by Stephen M. Roberts, Ph.D.