Fish Tissue Sampling Requested Around Saint-Gobain Facility (Fifth Post in a Series)

(This post is the fifth in a series describing the Site Investigation activities that are taking place or will be in the areas around the Saint-Gobain facility.)

Based on discussions with NH Fish and Game, NHDES understands that Dumpling Brook (located south of the Saint-Gobain facility) is considered a “high-quality wild brook trout stream” due to cold summer water temperatures and observed trout density (measured by Fish and Game in 2014).  To evaluate whether elevated PFAS levels detected in surface water samples around the facility result in elevated levels of PFAS in fish tissue, NHDES requested that Saint-Gobain develop a work plan to assess PFAS levels in fish tissue in Dumpling Brook and the Merrimack River (caught between Dumpling Brook and the stormwater outfall).  Sampling is recommended to be completed from June to September so that representative fish populations are tested; however, brook trout may be present year-round.  NHDES has indicated that Saint-Gobain should plan on completing the sampling as soon as possible, but no later than June 2019.  A work plan for fish tissue sampling is expected to be submitted to NHDES in late October.  Additional information can be found in NHDES’ letter dated August 28: