Amherst Water Supply Well Decommissioning Update

Textiles Coated International (TCI) provided NHDES with a Work Plan for decommissioning water supply wells at properties that are connected to the public water system.  A copy of the work plan and NHDES’ approval letter can be found on the NHDES OneStop site:

  • Click on OneStop site (
  • Click on 2nd bullet (One Stop Data)
  • In the first fill-in field: Any DES Interest Id – enter the site number: 201605022
  • Click “Enter”
  • Click on the “Hazardous waste project” link
  • Click on the filing cabinet symbol (Site Documents)
  • Look for the well decommissioning plan and click “show”

The Work Plan and approval letter outline a schedule for decommissioning, starting in May 2018 and ending over the summer 2018.  A summary report is due to NHDES by September 1, 2018.

NHDES understands that in the past few weeks, TCI initiated well decommissioning at some properties in accordance with the approved work plan.  TCI has informed NHDES that they have postponed the remaining decommissioning work while TCI considers the potential for additional water quality testing at some of these locations before the wells are abandoned.  At this time, NHDES understands that this is a temporary delay in the schedule.  Please note that NHDES did not request that TCI stop the decommissioning work.  TCI indicated that they will provide NHDES with a schedule update during the week of May 28, 2018.