Update on Amherst Waterline Extension Project

Water Main Construction 

Significant progress has been made on water main construction.

  • Water main installation on Eastern Avenue and Airline Drive is complete, including approximately 2,000 linear feet of piping and three fire hydrants.  Main installation on Skyline Drive will begin on Monday, December 4th.
  • Through the end of this week, more than 4,000 feet of main have been installed in the Douglas and Hickory Drive area.  The water main on Douglas Drive has been installed, and is being tested this week.  The water main on Hickory Drive installation is wrapping up, with testing scheduled for the week of December 4th.  The remaining leg of water main (Maple Drive) will be completed in the next few weeks.

Water Service Connections

Water service construction has begun.  In general, water service connections consist of three steps, with construction between: (i) the water main and a curb stop at the property line; (ii) the curb stop and the building foundation; and (iii) the building foundation and the interior plumbing.

  • In the Eastern Avenue area, the “water main to curb stop” installations are expected to be completed today. The “curb stop to foundation” construction will begin during the week of December 4th.
  • In the Douglas and Hickory Drive area, “water main to curb stop” installations have begun, and more than approximately 40 percent of the “curb stop to foundation” installations are complete.  Work is expected to continue during the week of December 4th.

If you are an eligible property owner and have not yet returned your contract paperwork to Pennichuck Water, please do so as soon as possible.