Update on NHDES Office Hours in Merrimack

Clark Freise, NHDES Assistant Commissioner will be holding office hours in Merrimack to help directly answer residents questions about the ongoing PFOA investigation efforts in southern NH. NHDES made arrangements to hold the office hours in response to a number of questions we were receiving from the community, to provide an opportunity for individuals or families to be able to ask questions on a more individualized basis with a degree of privacy afforded, and in response to requests from the Merrimack Town Government to provide multiple avenues of communication.

The office hours are not designed for large groups or to replace a public information meeting.  NHDES will be holding its next public information meeting in Merrimack on Tuesday, October 10 to provide the community an update on the current status of the ongoing investigation.

The office hours will be held in Merrimack Memorial Room at 6 Baboosic Lake Road in Merrimack on the following days and times:

Friday, September 15, 3 to 5 PM

Monday, September 18, 3 to 5 PM

Tuesday, September 26, 3 to 5 PM

Wednesday, October 4, 9 to 11:30 AM

Public Information Meeting, October 10, 6:30 pm; James Mastricola Upper Elementary School all-purpose room,  26 Baboosic Lake Road, Merrimack, NH 03054