The following are resources to assist NH Municipal Small Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) communities with meeting the 2003 and 2017 EPA MS4 permit requirements.

Part II: Summary of Receiving Waters

  • NH MS4 Permit Related Impairments Status Based on NH 2012 303(d) list in 2017 EPA MS4 Permit Based on NH 2012 303(d) list in 2017 EPA MS4 Permit. This is just a spread sheet based on the information in the 2017 MS4 permit indicating what impairments each MS4 has. May be used for initial planning purposes for the Minimum Control Measure #1: Outreach and Education requirements related to impairments. See the 2017 permit for more details about which New Hampshire waterbodies are impaired in the 2012 303(d) list.

Part III: Stormwater Management Program Summary Minimum Control

– Minimum Control Measure 1: Public Outreach and Education

  • 2017 Permit MCM #1 Outreach and Education Requirements Flow Chart – This outlines what and how many outreach efforts are required under the 2017 permit for MCM #1 and outreach efforts related to TMDL and Water Quality Limited (Impaired) waterbodies.
  • 30 Minute Stormwater Video (2003): Stormwater Runoff – There is No Away”  – Made by and for NH MS4s. Don’t let the date fool you. This still relevant and New Hampshire specific video covers how stormwater runoff can pollute our water and how we can all make simple changes in our lifestyle to help reduce this problem. 

– Minimum Control Measure 2: Public Involvement and Participation

– Minimum Control Measure 3: Illicit Discharge and Elimination (IDDE)

– Minimum Control Measure 4: Construction Site Stormwater Runoff Control

– Minimum Control Measure 5: Post Construction Stormwater Management in New and Redevelopment

– Minimum Control Measure 6: Municipal Good Housekeeping and Pollution Prevention