Potential Funding Opportunities


Culvert Flood Risk Assistance:

The Culvert Flood Risk Assistance Grant Program is a new, statewide funding opportunity that intends to support the replacement of outdated, undersized, perched and/or degraded culverts highly susceptible to flooding. Replacing high-risk culverts with better designed crossings that meet improved structural and environmental design standards and flood resiliency criteria will help reduce local flood impacts and public safety risks. This grant program will utilize ARPA funds to award approximately $1.2 million in grants (no match required) in 2022. For more information:

The Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF) provides low-cost financial assistance for planning, design, asset management, and construction projects to communities, nonprofits, and other local government entities for both wastewater infrastructure projects (collection systems, pumping stations, and wastewater treatment) and other water pollution control projects (nonpoint source, watershed protection or restoration, and estuary management). For more information:



Cyanotoxin Monitoring Equipment and Training Grant:

The funds are intended to support the development of programs to monitor the source and/or finished water of New Hampshire public water systems for indicators of cyanobacteria blooms and cyanotoxins (microcystin, nodularin and cylindrospermopsin).

Grant funding is available to reimburse applicants for the initial cost of developing and implementing programs to
perform cyanotoxin testing and/or monitor for indicators of cyanobacteria (such as the cyanobacterial pigment
phycocyanin). With the difficult-to-predict nature of harmful cyanobacteria blooms (cyanoHABs), having the capability for monitoring and on-site testing is critical to understanding the factors that may lead to cyanoHABs in a waterbody and to providing timely, effective treatment of water supplies.