Winter Maintenance

The NH MS4 permit contains a multitude of requirements that pertain to winter maintenance activities and are found throughout the permit. This central location has been created for all winter maintenance related resources so the permittee, or user, can easily obtain any and all resources pertaining to winter maintenance in a single location. This page contains documents and resources exclusive to winter maintenance activities for all of the permit requirements, including MCM #1, MCM #6, Appendix F, and Appendix H requirements.

NHDES Salt Reduction Program Coordinator:

Salt Usage Report for Year 4

Please note, that you can either use the Annual Salt Usage Report Form or the Salt Management System Database to report your Year 4 annual salt usage but please do not use both. 

MCM #1 (Winter Maintenance) Resources:

MCM #6 (Winter Maintenance) Resources:

Appendix H – Water Quality Limited Waterbodies (Winter Maintenance) Resources:

Training (Winter Maintenance):

General (Winter Maintenance) Resources:

BMP (Winter Maintenance) Resources:

500 Foot Salt Buffer Zone Maps: