The rise of electronic data in the stormwater sector is broadening and becoming more significant. From the use of cloud-based data storage to capturing monitoring output to the use of real-time data to optimize the performance of stormwater infrastructure, the benefits of electronic-based data management is becoming clearer in the stormwater sector. While technology-based applications for electronic data have been well covered, the growth in electronic data application is expanding into other areas in the stormwater sector, such as regulation and asset management.

To cover these issues, the National Municipal Stormwater Alliance (NMSA) is hosting a no-charge webinar on Thur, April 22 from 1-2:30pm (Eastern) along with U.S. EPA, ESRI and 2NDNATURE Software that will provide an overview of the U.S. EPA Electronic Reporting Rule (or “E-Reporting Rule”) for the MS4 sector, a discussion on the value of a GIS-based data standard for stormwater assets, and a view from the MS4 perspective on electronic data in stormwater programs. Brief presentations will be provided along with a Q&A opportunity to engage with webinar participants. 1.0 PDHs will be provided through this event.

Speakers will include: – Carey Johnston with the U.S. EPA, who will detail the E-Reporting program and the ties to the MS4 sector – Dave Wachal with ESRI will discuss the importance and application of standard data schemas in the context of geographic information systems and the current state of stormwater – Jason Yoho with 2NDNATURE Software who will discuss the value of using a data standard when addressing stormwater assets and program management – Randy Neprash, NMSA Vice Chair and staff with the Minnesota Cities Stormwater Coalition, who will present the MS4 perspective on electronic data – Rachel Urban, EPA Office of Wastewater Management, MS4 section – Greg Schaner, EPA Office of Wastewater Management, MS4 section

Please register for this no-charge webinar by using the link provided below:

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Electronic Data in the Stormwater Sector Webinar Opportunity