Building Resilience Through Living Shorelines

Thursday, January 16th, 1:30PM-3:00 PM EST

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Coastal storm events and severe weather damage homes, businesses, infrastructure, and natural resources in New England communities. Creative strategies for shoreline stabilization and coastal stormwater management must build resilience, protect economically and environmentally important areas, and reduce erosion and flooding. Living shorelines – nature-based coastal infrastructure practices that address public health and safety concerns and preserve and restore coastal ecosystems – can be a meaningful solution in the right locations. Recent demonstration projects in Portsmouth and Durham, New Hampshire and Stratford, Connecticut have achieved success and produced measurable environmental results.

In this webinar, project partners from The Nature Conservancy and University of New Hampshire will discuss recent demonstration projects, including standardized metrics, protocols, guidance and performance monitoring strategies for success. Speakers will discuss the environmental benefits of implementing living shoreline projects, including effective community engagement. The webinar will cover case studies, lessons learned, and provide recommendations for regulators, planners, practitioners, coastal property owners, and members of the public on nature-based coastal infrastructure projects.


  • Eric Roberts, The Nature Conservancy
  • Tom Ballestero, University of New Hampshire
  • David Burdick, University of New Hampshire
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