Source Water Protection Grant Program

The purpose of the Trust Fund:

“…to provide for the protection, preservation, and enhancement of the drinking water and groundwater resources of the state.” – RSA 485-F:1

This image describes the S W P grant program's success since 2022. 34 projects have been funded. 11,512 acres have been permanently conserved. $5,581,680 grants have been awarded.

Important Dates for 2022

2022 SWP Grant Round Announcement

June 30, 2022Eligibility Applications Due
2022 SWP Eligibility Application
Instructions for Completing and Submitting an Eligibility Application Form 2022
September 8, 2022Funding Applications Due
2022 SWP Funding Applicationation-Form-2022
Instructions for Completing and Submitting a Funding Application Form 2022
November 2022Advisory Commission expected to make funding decisions


What the grant program offers

The DWGTF Source Water Protection (SWP) Grant Program offers funding to permanently conserve our water supply lands through land acquisition and conservation easements. Grants cover up to 50% of eligible project costs with a maximum grant award of $500,000. Eligible project costs are pro-rated to the percent of eligible source water lands that overlap the project property.

Eligible Applicants

  • A State agency, board, or commission or any political subdivision of the State;
  • Any person or legal entity, such as a sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, association, or non-profit organization, that owns a community water system or water distribution system;
  • A non-profit organization that owns a non-transient, non-community water system;
  • A land trust or other non-profit organization that has among its purposes the conservation of land; or,
  • Other entities approved by the Commission consistent with RSA 485-F.

Grant Program Overview

This image shows the order of steps in the grant program process. Step 1 is to submit an eligibility application. N H D E S staff will review the applications and verify that projects meet the eligibility criteria before they apply for funding in the fall. Applicants will receive eligibility letters in late July. Step 2 is to submit a funding application. In september and october the program coordinator will schedule site visits to meet applicants and view the property. The subcommittee will meet in late october to review applications. In november the subcommittee will recommend projects to fund to the advisory commission who will make funding decisions. Award letters will be sent to applicants soon after the advisory commission meeting. Step 3 is to enter into a grant agreement with N H D E S. Step 4 is to submit all the due diligence documents. Once all documents are receive the program coordinator can disburse the grant. At this point the project is complete. The grant program requires an annual stewardship monitoring report which are due january 30 each year.


Resources for Applicants

**New in 2022!  Applicants can use the SWP application to also apply for the NHDES Local Source Water Protection (LSWP) grant program.  The LSWP grant can be used to cover transaction costs associated with acquiring the project property.  Applicants can request up to $25,000 from the LSWP grant program.  Click here to learn more.  Applicants will indicate their interest at the Eligibility Application stage.  The funding Application for the SWP grant program will also be the formal application to the LSWP grant program.  Include a detailed budget as an attachment to the SWP Funding Application that itemizes what costs the LSWP is intended to cover.  

Resources for Approved Projects

Annual Monitoring Report Forms:

Finding Eligible Source Water Land

Wellhead Protection Areas (WHPAs) for active wells used by a community or non-transient, non-community public water system, and Hydrologic Areas of Concern (HACs) are automatically eligible source water lands. Future Water Supply lands need to be approved by the Advisory Commission’s Application Review Subcommittee at the Eligibility Application stage.

A map of eligible land can be accessed through the NHDES OneStop Data Mapper. It is important to read through the Identifying Eligible Land GIS Guide on how to access the database before entering the Data Mapper. You will need a PIN and password provided by NHDES to access the database. When requesting a PIN, explicitly state the nature of your organization (whether a municipality, water supplier, or a conservation organization) and that you are applying for the DWGTF Source Water Protection Grant Program.

Click here to request a PIN and Password to access the NHDES OneStop Data Mapper

Click to download the 2022 Identifying Eligible Land GIS Guide



Contact the Source Water Protection Program Coordinator at or call 603-271-2862 with any questions.

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