Administration of the Fund

The Commission administers the Trust Fund with assistance provided by the MtBE Remediation Bureau and Drinking Water and Groundwater Bureau of the Department of Environmental Services (Department).  As part of its administrative duties, the Department shall perform the following duties, including but not limited to:

  • Investigating, managing and remediating contaminated groundwater.
  • Assisting local and regional entities in the development and administration of local wellhead protection programs, including delineation of wellhead protection areas and the inventory and management of activities which have a potential effect on groundwater quality.
  • Preparing and maintaining a statewide map identifying the classes of groundwater.
  • Measuring levels of contamination statewide and generating maps to show the areas of the greatest contamination.
  • Maintaining an inventory of wells serving public water supply systems and to the extent practicable other wells, and establish a priority list for delineation of systems that are currently contaminated with MtBE.

The Department is responsible for adopting rules to administer a competitive grant program for drinking water protection projects and to administer the revolving loan fund.

The Department provides an annual report to the Commission that includes information on expenditures for the fiscal year, projects begun or completed during the year and projections on future program costs.