Commission Members

Senator Chuck Morse, Chair Coterminous* Member of N.H. Senate
Rep. Chris Christensen, Vice Chair Coterminous Member of N.H. House of Representatives
Senator Tom Sherman, Clerk Coterminous Member of N.H. Senate
Rachel Miller Coterminous State Treasurer or Designee
Rep. Suzanne Smith Coterminous Member of N.H. House of Representatives
Clark B. Freise Coterminous Governor or Designee
Lisa Morris Coterminous Director of the Division of Public Health Services, Department of Health and Human Service or Designee
Robert R. Scott Coterminous Commissioner of Department of Environmental Services or Designee
Christopher S. Way Coterminous Director of Economic Development, Department of Resources and Economic Development or Designee
Paul Sanderson Coterminous Executive Director of Fish and Game Department or Designee
Tim Vadney, P.E. NH Water Pollution Control Association
Dorothy Kurtz Business Community
Rick Russman 8/02/17 to State or Regional Land Trust
Marco Philippon NH Water Works Association
Bernie Rousseau 3/31/16 to Public Member With Experience in Treatment or Delivery of Drinking Water
Andrea Kenter, P.G. 3/31/16 to Public Member Representing Private Well Owners
Bruce Bretton 8/02/17 – 8/02/18 Selectman from Town Without Public Drinking Water
William W. Boyd, III 8/08/17 – 8/08/19 Town Council Member from Town With Public Drinking Water
Rodeny Bartlett Public Member

*Coterminous: service on Commission and term in office expire together.