Drinking Water and Groundwater Advisory Commission Members

Senator Chuck Morse,   Chair 3/2016* – Member of N.H. Senate Senate President
Senator Tom Sherman, Vice Chair 12/2018* – Member of N.H. Senate Senate President
Rep. Linda Gould 3/2021* – Member of N.H. House of Representatives House Speaker
Rep. Bruce Cohen 1/2021* – Member of N.H. House of Representatives House Speaker
Joshua Elliott  11/2021 Governor or Designee Governor
Rachel Miller 7/2016 – State Treasurer or Designee State Treasurer
Michele Roberge 1/2021 – Public Health Protection Bureau Chief, Div. of Public Health Services; DHHS Service or Designee DHHS
Marco Philippon 12/2018 – NH Water Works Association NHWWA
Bernie Rousseau 8/2016 – Public Member with Experience in Treatment or Delivery of Drinking Water House Speaker
Andrea Kenter, P.G. 9/2016 – Public Member Representing Private Well Owners Governor
Rodney Bartlett 8/2017 – Public Member Senate President
Vacant 8/2021 – Fish and Game Department or Designee F&G
Robert R. Scott 8/2017 – Commissioner of Department of Environmental Services or Designee NHDES
Cynthia Harrington 6/2021 –  Dept. of Resources & Economic Development or Designee BEA
Rick Russman 8/2017 – State or Regional Land Trust Governor
Bruce Breton 8/2017 – Member from Town Without Public Drinking Water Governor
Rep. William W. Boyd, III 10/2017 – Member from Town With Public Drinking Water Governor
Jason Gagnon 9/2019 – Representative of NH Water Pollution control Association NHWPCA
Vacant 8/2017 – Business Community Senate President
  * Coterminous =   Service on Commission and term in office expire together.