2022 Annual Award Plan

The Drinking Water and Groundwater Advisory Commission approved the 2022 Annual Award at the May 9, 2022 Commission meeting.  The APPROVED 2022 DWGTF Award Plan (5-9-2022) outlines the target allocation for 2022 funding of $26.33 million and the allocation by program type as well as the application dates for funding.

Funding Allocation by Program Type:

Special Projects Assistance Program & Annual Drinking Water Construction Projects Assistance Program –

Loan – $10.5 million

Grants – $13.2 million

Source Water Protection Grant Program – $2 million

NHDES Projects in Accordance with RSA 485-F:3,I – $0.63 million

For more information regarding the programs supported by the Drinking Water and Groundwater Trust Fund, contact:

Erin Holmes, P.E., Drinking Water and Groundwater Trust Fund Administrator