Notice of Proposed Rules – Administrative Procedures for Grant and Loans from the Drinking Water and Groundwater Trust Fund

This is an announcement of the filing of the proposed rules Env-Dw-1300, Administrative Procedures for Grants and Loans from the Drinking Water and Groundwater Trust Fund (DWGTF). The proposed rules implement RSA 485-F relative to the DWGTF. Specifically, RSA 485-F:3, II directs the Department to adopt rules to administer a competitive grant program for drinking water protection projects and to administer a revolving loan fund. The proposed rules establish the process by which applications awarded funding by the DWGTF Advisory Commission (Commission) receive project funding in the form of a grant or loan which will be processed and administered by the Department. These rules cover the grant and loan process after the projects are selected by the Commission and are not associated with the rules prepared by the Advisory Commission detailing their application and selection process.

The proposed rules include standard definitions; an administrative completeness review process and timeframes for Department processing of applications; requirements and processes for entering into loan and grant agreements; standards for preparation and approval of plans and specifications, preparation and approval of contract documents, and obtaining approval to award construction contracts; and procedures for disbursements of grant and loan funds and the repayments of loans.

The Rulemaking Notice and initial proposal are available on-line at (scroll down; located about middle of the page).

The public hearing on the proposed rules is scheduled on Thursday, July 25, 2019, 9:00 AM; Room 112, NHDES Offices, 29 Hazen Drive, Concord, NH. Written comments are due by 4:00 PM on Friday, August 8, 2019. The process for submitting comments are outlined in the Rulemaking Notice. Please note that hard copies of the rules will not be provided at the hearing.

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