Information on the Annual Drinking Water Infrastructure Assistance Program Deadline – September 9, 2021

The purpose of this post is to relay information regarding the Annual Drinking Water Infrastructure Assistance Program 2021 round (annual round).

Per the Award Plan, dated April 2021, the Drinking Water and Groundwater Advisory Commission (Advisory Commission) voted September 9, 2021 as the deadline for the annual round funding application (  As you may be aware, through the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA), the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (NHDES) has received $50 M to put towards drinking water and clean water projects.  NHDES is anticipating receiving additional ARPA funding but the amount and timing is unknown right now. ARPA funding, plans and decisions may not be finalized until mid to late August or early September.

We recognize that availability of ARPA funds may impact the DWSRF Project Priority List as well as other potential funding programs that may be initiated with ARPA funding.  The Advisory Commission in past years has maintained that your application to the Trust Fund is final and may not be modified once submitted.  However, in an effort to align with potential ARPA funds and new grant programs, NHDES will be proposing to the Advisory Commission that changes to your funding plan be allowed in light of new information that you may receive after the September 9 deadline.  This proposal will be discussed at an upcoming meeting of the Advisory Commission and we will follow-up with applicants afterwards.

I recommend that if you plan to apply to the DWGTF, proceed with developing your application, which requires a planning document and a certificate of vote authorizing submittal of the application, and submit for September 9. The DWG Advisory Commission still holds that applicants maximize non-Trust Fund dollars, maximize Trust Fund loans over grants, and grants are possible.

I’ve included key links below for the annual round application process.  Please note, we are in the process of updating the date on our applications but otherwise, the applications will remain the same and your application will be accepted if it is our 2020 version.

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