Good outreach webcast recording is now available. Stormwater Outreach: Is Anyone Listening?

The recording for the webcast Evaluating Stormwater Outreach: Is anyone listening? is now available at so you can check it out anytime. You will need to enter your e-mail address in order to view the recording.  I recommend the first, third, and last presentations the most.  There is some focus on the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System Federal Permit (MS4) outreach requirements that are great on addressing targeting audiences and how to measure your outreach.   The third presentation is specifically about using on-line direct marketing to target audiences more efficiently.   The last one is about the Think Blue program in San Diego.   Great questions at the end.

Please note that Julie LaBranche commented: 

To view this webinar you must download the “gotomeeting” software from

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