2023 PRE‐APPLICATION INVITATION-Deadline June 1, 2023!


NHDES is now accepting Pre‐applications for the 2023 Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF) for wastewater, stormwater, and nonpoint source projects. CWSRF funding is available for water pollution control, watershed protection and restoration, and estuary management projects that contribute to the protection of public health, water quality and the environment.

A sizable increase in CWSRF appropriations has been made available over the next five years with the passage of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL). BIL includes the CWSRF base capitalization grant, as well as new capitalization grant with supplemental funding, and funds for addressing emerging contaminants.

Deadline for CWSRF pre‐applications: Thursday, June 1, 2023.

The 2023 CWSRF Pre-Application is once again available as an electronic form. The form has been updated to align with the 2023 Ranking Criteria. The system requires users to create a self-registered nForm account. The account will allow you, as a user, to save an incomplete form and return to edit it later, share forms and have continued electronic access to the forms after submittal. Register for an account and access the CWSRF Pre-Application at: Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF) Pre-Application.

The CWSRF 2023 Ranking Criteria documents are essential to completing pre-applications. Ranking criteria apply to planning and/or infrastructure projects for both wastewater and stormwater:

2023 Ranking Criteria for Wastewater Planning and Infrastructure Projects

2023 Ranking Criteria for Stormwater Planning and Infrastructure Projects


NH CWSRF plans to offer additional subsidy for projects funded from the 2023 CWSRF PPL in the form of loan principal forgiveness. Principal forgiveness awards are generally a percentage of loan disbursements at the time of the initial principal and interest repayment. Principal forgiveness is available based on affordability score and other special initiatives described below.


The increased funding comes with an increase in the amount of additional subsidy available to NH communities. Once 2023 pre‐applications and all 2022 loan applications are received, NHDES will be able to determine the principal forgiveness available for 2023 projects. This process includes consideration of the number and dollar amount of pre‐applications from the various communities in NH.

NH CWSRF plans to continue offering the following incentives:

Planning, 100% up to $100,000:

NH CWSRF plans to award 100% principal forgiveness, up to $100,000, for wastewater and/or stormwater planning evaluations. Submit CWSRF Pre-applications to be considered for any available funding in this category.

For more information please reference: CWSRF Wastewater and Stormwater Planning Guidance Document.

 Asset Management, 100% up to $30,000:

NH CWSRF will award 100% principal forgiveness, or grant up to $30,000, for wastewater and/or stormwater asset management projects. Submit CWSRF Pre-applications to be considered for any available funding in this category.

Please reference the CWSRF Asset Management Guidance Document.

Comprehensive Energy Audit Measure Implementation, 50% up to $250,000:

NH CWSRF plans to award 50% principal forgiveness, up to $250,000, on disbursements for project components that implement recommendations from comprehensive energy audits. Up to $500,000 in energy audit implementation project expenditures may be approved for 50% principal forgiveness. Submit CWSRF Pre-applications to be considered for any available funding in this category.

Loan recipients must apply for electric and gas utility incentives to qualify for the NH CWSRF principal forgiveness. CWSRF principal forgiveness will be calculated on the total project cost (prior to incentives from the electric or gas utility). CWSRF principal forgiveness may be reduced if the combination of the two incentives brings the cost of the project to the loan recipient to less than $0.

Emerging Contaminants 100% Additional Subsidy/Principal Forgiveness:

NH CWSRF is applying for the 2023 Capitalization Grant to address emerging contaminants. Currently, NHDES intends to focus on PFAS and utilize these funds for loans with principal forgiveness for treatment of landfill leachate from municipally owned landfills that discharge to a municipal wastewater treatment plant.


2022 LOAN APPLICATIONS are due June 30, 2023.  If your community is not submitting a loan application for any of the projects awarded funding on the 2022 PPL, be sure to submit new Pre‐applications for those projects to be considered for the 2023 PPL and financial incentives.

SAVE THE DATE August 3, 2023, Water Infrastructure Programs Annual Public Hearing

Please contact Kathie Bourret (Kathleen.Bourret@des.nh.gov or 603-271-2902) or Beth Malcolm (Beth.Malcolm@des.nh.gov or 603-271-2978) with any questions.

For more information please visit our webpage: Clean Water State Revolving Fund.

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