Innovative/Alternative Onsite Wastewater Treatment Technologies

Tuesdays • Noon – 1:00 pm EST

Following-up on the September 15th NEWEA Update on a New Generation of Enhanced I/A Septic Systems webinar, over a half dozen vendors have been identified as having promising solutions (today, still in permitting) and will give brief presentations to introduce themselves. A series of three webinars will be offered. These companies’ products produce nitrogen effluent levels that are significantly better than the current 19 mg/L MA standard for I/A systems, based on various levels of MASSTC testing and field reporting, in some cases equaling centralized system performance at substantial capital cost reductions. Together, and with different technologies/approaches, they open the opportunity for adding decentralized solutions in nitrogen sensitive areas where sewering will not make economic sense. The I/A OWTS Task Force is collaborating with other stakeholders to surround these solutions with management and funding mechanisms that will enable state approvals of a broader array of solutions to nutrient pollution on Cape Cod, Rhode Island and beyond. This is a national problem in that the 24 million septic systems around the U.S. generally do not address nutrient pollution.


November 16

KleanTu Nitroe,
Lombardo Associates Nitrex,
MASSTC generic Layer Cake

December 14

Fuji Clean USA, Hydro-Action,
Nitrogen Sensor Update

January 11

JDL Environmental FMBR,
Orenco Advantex

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This event is sponsored by the NEWEA Innovation Council

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