Design with Maintenance in Mind: Green Infrastructure Trainings and Techniques in Providence, RI

Monday, November 22nd, 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM ET

Register at:

Green infrastructure can improve water quality, provide wildlife habitat, and build community health and resiliency to urban heat and flood risks – but only when properly designed, installed, and maintained. The Providence Stormwater Innovation Center (PSIC) is a green infrastructure training center that demonstrates the benefits of green stormwater practices to communities across Southeast New England. In Providence, Rhode Island’s Roger Williams Park, PSIC provides hands-on training and best practices for municipalities, engineers, construction companies and scientists to design and implement green infrastructure and stormwater Best Management Practices (BMP’s) with maintenance in mind.

This webinar will showcase green infrastructure projects, trainings and tools developed by PSIC to help communities develop effective green infrastructure installations and programs. Speakers will highlight design, installation and maintenance recommendations and lessons learned through the $1.5M project to construct 42 stormwater BMP’s in Roger Williams Park. Special topics will include planting considerations for green infrastructure installations including pollinators, current and future controls for invasive plant species, and new botanical initiatives with the University of Rhode Island.


  • Ryan Kopp, Stormwater Coordinator, Providence Stormwater Innovation Center (PSIC)
  • Brian Byrnes, Deputy Superintendent, City of Providence Parks Department, and member PSIC
  • Lee Ann Freitas, Roger Williams Park Botanical Center Director, City of Providence Parks Department, and member PSIC
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