2021 Drinking Water Source Protection Virtual Conference-Wednesday May 19 and Thursday, May 20

As you know, safe drinking water is vital to public health and the potential for future economic development. Even very small quantities of contaminating substances in lakes, rivers, or aquifers can limit their use as sources of clean drinking water. Local land use policy, open space planning, and conservation tailored to protecting these resources promote public health and ensure a long-term supply of clean drinking water. Consequently, there are important roles for local officials to play in protecting currently operating public water systems as well as water resources that can serve as future sources of drinking water.

Each year, the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (NHDES) convenes a conference concerning how to protect local drinking water resources that is designed for local planners, conservation commissioners, water supply managers, and other local leaders. On Wednesday May 19 and Thursday, May 20, NHDES will hold its 2021 Drinking Water Source Protection Virtual Conference online. This year’s conference will feature roundtable discussions and presentations on:

  • Climate impacts affecting public water systems such as drought and flooding, and how to manage, adapt or mitigate these impacts.
  • Results of a statewide public health study concerning human exposure to metals, pesticides and emerging contaminants found in drinking water.
  • Examples of how to use federal and state dollars to conserve critical water supply lands.
  • Public education: The keys to ensuring your message is compelling and effective.
  • Integrative study of excessive stormwater loading in New Hampshire’s Lake Waukewan.

….and more interesting source protection topics!

The conference fee is $35 and includes both days. This event qualifies for up to 10 Technical Credit Hours toward certification requirements under the NH Water Works Operator Certification Program. Instructions from NHDES will be sent directly to registered operators regarding how to earn credit online.

REGISTER at the American Ground Water Trust website: www.agwt.org (click on “Events”)

Registration questions? Contact Andrew Stone at AGWT: astone@agwt.org or 603-228-5444.

Other questions? Contact Pierce Rigrod at NHDES: pierce.rigrod@des.nh.gov or 603-271-0688.

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