2021 Local Source Water Protection Grant Applications Are Now Available!

Funding is available from the Department of Environmental Services to develop and implement programs to protect existing (active or planned) sources of public drinking water.  The grants are available to water suppliers, municipalities, regional planning agencies, non-profit organizations, educational institutions, conservation districts, and state agencies.  Applicants can receive up to $20,000 of funding for projects protecting drinking water sources, including watershed planning, delineation of protection areas, assessment of threats to water supply sources, “on the ground” implementation projects, and source security.

We have extended our funding to include activities under US EPA’s Small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) permit that protect source water.  These activities consist of identification, monitoring and elimination of illicit discharges, particularly high priority outfalls that discharge to drinking water sources or within source protection areas, conducting public education and the design/installation of structural BMPs may be eligible, provided they meet the eligibility criteria as described in Section 6 of NHDES grant application. Routine operations/maintenance activities are not eligible.

The application packet is now available online to provide sufficient lead time for applicants to work with stakeholders in determining what protections are necessary to address potential contamination threats, coordinate with working partners and determine a budget. NHDES is happy to confer with potential applicants in advance of the development of an application. Applications are due November 2, 2020.

Examples of source water protection projects:

  • Development and adoption of municipal groundwater protection regulations similar to NHDES models.
  • Security enhancements such as fencing, gates, or cameras.
  • The creation and implementation of local source water protection plans and ordinances.
  • Certain transactional costs associated with land conservation to protect drinking water sources.
  • Education and outreach campaigns.
  • Projects which prepare first responders to protect public water supplies.
  • The implementation of stormwater best management practices.
  • Completing state Groundwater Reclassification for community well(s).
  • High-risk residential heating oil tank replacement.

A summary of past projects can be found at the link below.

More information can be found by visiting the page below, or by contacting NHDES staff to discuss your project.



Bess Morrison
Source Protection Coordinator
Drinking Water & Groundwater Bureau
(603) 271-2950

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