Soak Up the Rain New England Webinar Series:

Working Together:  Collaborative Stormwater Management in Central Massachusetts

Thursday, December 5th, 1:00 PM-2:30 PM EST

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Stormwater challenges aren’t limited by town boundaries. Many New England rivers, lakes, and watersheds stretch through more than one community, creating unique challenges and opportunities to address water quality.  The Central Massachusetts Regional Stormwater Coalition (CMRSWC) was formed by a group of 13 communities working together to address municipal stormwater management.  Today, 30 CMRSWC communities work collaboratively to ensure the long-term protection of these shared stormwater systems and surface water resources for residents.

This webinar will showcase how CMRSWC works with participating towns using creative and cost-effective techniques to address Small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4) permit requirements.  Highlights include developing and sharing education templates, stormwater pollution plans, standard operating procedures, and policies, exchanging equipment, and building knowledge regarding stormwater management.  The webinar will also cover lessons learned and provide recommendations for collaborative stormwater management across municipalities.


  • Kerry Reed, Town of Framingham, MA
  • Thomas Gregory, Town of Spencer, MA
  • John Woodsmall, Town of Holden, MA

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