Soak Up the Rain New England Webinar Series:

“Getting Ready for the Rain!  Integrating and Implementing Nature-Based Solutions into State and Local Hazard Mitigation Plans”-Part II  

 Wednesday, November 28th, 1:00 PM-2:30 PM EST

This webinar will focus on how two New England states, Massachusetts and Vermont, are teaming up to present unique approaches to identify opportunities to incorporate nature-based solutions in the hazard mitigation and climate adaptation planning at the state and local level.  This webinar will also provide an overview of the State Hazard Mitigation requirements and provide an example of ways the State planning programs have led to opportunities for incorporating nature-based solutions plans and ultimately implementation.  Massachusetts staff will discuss the Municipal Vulnerability Program (MVP) and Vermont staff will discuss a state level partnership and collaboration which protects and seeks to improve water quality and reduce the impacts of erosion and flooding.


Sarah J. White, State Hazard Mitigation Officer, Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA)
Margot Mansfield, Coastal Hazards Specialist, MA Office of Coastal Zone Management (CZM)
Lauren Oates, State Hazard Mitigation Officer, VT Emergency Management Agency

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