Reminder: Septic System Workshop

Remember to register for the upcoming nitrogen and septic systems workshop!

Nitrogen, Septic Systems and Great Bay – Why it Matters

October 31, 2017, 8:00am to 12:00pm

Hugh Gregg Coastal Conservation Center 91 Depot Road, Greenland, NH 03840

The workshop will include a review of the nitrogen cycle and why it matters to seacoast communities, a summary of state and local regulations on nitrate in septic systems and ground-water, a review of on-site septic systems that remove nitrogen, an update on de-nitrifying Permeable Reactive Barrier pilot projects for local septic systems, local watershed initiatives and more!

Registration is required. Register here or visit to fill out the registration form under Workshops & Events. Light refreshments provided. Please contact Rockingham County Conservation District with any questions: 603-679-2790 or

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