Free Informational Webinar: Enlisting Citizens to Report Illicit Discharges

Just an FYI:

When: Tuesday, December 6th at 1pm Eastern With a fresh MS4 permit in hand, New Castle County, Delaware, found themselves with a dilemma. The Education and Outreach Minimum Control Measure required the county to generate at least 250,000 advertising impressions and to use before-and-after surveys to demonstrate a “statistically valid” increase in stormwater awareness. NCCDE chose to meet this requirement by setting up an illicit discharges hotline — and promoting that hotline heavily. On December 6th at 1:00 p.m. Eastern, join us for a free informational webinar to hear how the effort turned out! Learn the answers to these and other questions:

  • How much did it cost to generate 250,000 advertising impressions?
  • Did the county actually measure a “statistically valid” increase in stormwater awareness?
  • How many discharges did county residents report? Were the reports any good?
  • What would they do differently if they could do it over again?



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