Delay on 2017 Watershed Assistance Grants Request for Pre-proposals

You have not missed it! 

This year’s Section 319 Watershed Assistance Grants Request for Pre- proposals has not gone out yet! We are delayed because we are collaborating with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regarding fund allocation details. Once plans are finalized – hopefully in July – we will promptly send out the request for pre-proposals and will update our timeline relative to due dates for Pre-proposals and Full Proposals. Additional timeline adjustments will be posted through this blog. Or check out our website for updates at:

Please note that if you are thinking of submitting a pre-proposal, contact the appropriate NHDES Watershed Assistance staff below to discuss your potential project. This will give you a jump on the project planning process and mandatory pre –proposal consultations. 

Call or e-mail us to discuss your Pre-proposal.

Or, contact Steve Landry with questions (603)271-2969 or

Thank you very much for your patience and commitment to protecting and restoring New Hampshire surface waters.


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