March 2016 GIS/GPS workshops – Concord, NH

FYI on some very reasonably priced ($59) training of GIS/GPS at Fish and Game.

The following GIS/GPS workshops will be offered in March 2016 at the NH Fish & Game Department, Concord, NH by the UNH Geospatial Technologies Training Center.

—–| Mapping Basics |———————————————

GIS 101: Learning to Map in the Digital Age – March 4th – 9am to noon.  Learn the basics of GIS and explore free software for making maps

Mobile Mapping Made Easy – March 4th – 1pm to 4pm.  Learn to use your smartphones or tablet to collect data and make maps with inexpensive apps

—–| Online Mapping |———————————————

Getting to Know ArcGIS Online – December 29th – 9am to noon. Learn how to make and share compelling online maps with free software

Telling Your Story with Maps – December 29th – 1pm to 4pm.  Use Story Maps to share your map data and narrative

—–| ArcGIS for Desktop |—————————————————-

ArcGIS Drivers Permit – March 10th – 9am to 4pm.   Get your feet with with ArcGIS 10.3 creating basic maps and working with GIS data

Introduction to ArcGIS – March 15-17 – 9am to 4pm.  Dig into ArcGIS 10.3 and learn to create maps, edit data and conduct spatial analysis

Making Geodatabases Work for You – March 30 – 9am to 4pm.  Learn how to use Geodatabases to better manage your data and simplify your workflow


************************************************************************************************************** Shane Bradt, Ph.D., GISP  Extension Specialist | Water Quality & Geospatial Technologies | UNH Cooperative Extension Extension Professor | Department of Biological Sciences | University of New Hampshire UNH Spaulding Hall 133 | 38 College Road | Durham, NH 03824 USA | +1.603.862.4277 | @limnoshane | | @gisworkshops |


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