Don’t miss this training event!

If you haven’t registered for the 2015 Lakes Congress yet – would you be able to give me a few moments of your time to read on? Even if you aren’t a ‘lake person,’ I’d like to give it my best shot at convincing you to register for and attend our 22nd annual educational, training, and networking on May 29. (By the way, early bird registration ends May 1st – this Friday!)

Like me, as a steward and connoisseur of our natural resources, I’m guessing that you could use some tips on how to get the message out to others about why these resources matter and how people can take action to keep them healthy for everyone to enjoy. At the 2015 Lakes Congress on May 29, you will have an opportunity to hone your environmental communication skills with Eric Eckl of Water Words That Work. Eric is one of the nation’s leading public relations and marketing campaign strategists for environmental causes and he has trained state agency and citizen groups throughout the country. Not only will he kick off our 2015 Lakes Congress as plenary speaker, he will conduct two follow-up training sessions at the event. If you have never participated in one of Eric’s trainings (or even if you have!) I guarantee that you will emerge a more skilled and confident spokesperson for your cause.

In addition, the 2015 Lakes Congress offers many other sessions that may be of interest to you. These include:

  • Advocacy strategy training for statewide and local water resource issues
  • Do-it-yourself online watershed, shoreline, and monitoring mapping techniques
  • Field trips on the Lake Winnipesaukee Floating Classroom
  • Fundraising strategy training for volunteer-based nonprofit organizations
  • Nonprofit organization best business practices training
  • Lake Host training
  • Watershed Warriors training
  • Weed Watchers training
  • and much, much more!

To see what else is on the 2015 Lakes Congress agenda, click here.

As most environmentally-minded individuals, I’m guessing that your time is limited and that you receive many invitations to attend workshops and conferences. I am confident that you would find your time at Lakes Congress well-spent.

To make it even more affordable:

If you still need convincing about why you should attend the 2015 Lakes Congress, please email me with your questions and hesitations.

Hope to see you there!

Most sincerely,

Andrea LaMoreaux, Vice President, NH LAKES  603-226-0299

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