Moultonborough Bay Inlet Watershed Restoration Plan – Request for Qualifications

The Lake Winnipesaukee Watershed Association has been awarded funding from NHDES through a grant from Section 319 of the Clean Water Act, for development of a Watershed Restoration Plan for the Moultonborough Bay Inlet sub-watershed of Lake Winnipesaukee, NH.

Moultonborough Bay Inlet (MBI) comprises the northernmost area of Lake Winnipesaukee, and the sub-watershed extends from Moultonborough through Sandwich, covering an area of 31,556 acres.  The MBI has historically exhibited the highest levels of in-lake total phosphorus (TP) of the eight Lake Winnipesaukee sub-watersheds.

In addition to Lake Winnipesaukee’s current impairment for cyanobacteria, several water bodies within the MBI sub-watershed are listed on the State’s 305 (b)/303(d) list of impaired waters for failure to fully support aquatic life use due to elevated concentrations of chlorophyll-a, insufficient dissolved oxygen, excessive phosphorus and non-native aquatic plants.

The community of Moultonborough has made water quality protection a high priority, investing considerable resources over the past four years.  Development of a watershed restoration plan will assist the community in focusing and prioritizing their efforts by identifying the sources of pollutants that have led to the impairments.

For the full project description and to download the RFQ, please visit

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